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Beit Lebbos is a 200 years old Lebanese house impregnated with wonder and history. This property is located in the heart of the epochal village of Beiteddine, facing the 19th Century Masterpiece of Lebanon, the magnificent Beiteddine Palace (also known as the House of Faith).
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Beit Lebbos In Front of Beiteddine Palace

Be part of the Lebanese
Cultural History!

It is said that Emir Bechir II had his family and friends live around the Palace; Beit Lebbos was among these friends!

This Traditional Lebanese House gives you access to one of the most culturally acclaimed festivals in the world, The annual Beiteddine Festival Hosted in the Palace;

With its exquisite location, couple of meters away from the iconic Beiteddine Palace, Beit Lebbos allows its guests to indulge the captivating moments of the yearly Beiteddine Festivals from their own private balcony.

Your sweet escape!

Beit Lebbos ideal location is at a walking distance of the village. Tourists and guests can enjoy a stroll down the mesmerizing streets of Beiteddine and get enthralled by the traditional Lebanese architecture.

Guests and tourists will be fascinated by the scent of the gardenias floating around the city, settling like memories onto their souls.

Whether you want to relax in the Jacuzzi under the moonlit sky or take a biking tour around the village, Beit Lebbos provides you with all of the luxuries needed for a legendary and memorable stay.
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